The Story of Parent & Co.

The Story of Parent & Co.

Every good story starts with a flashback.

I remember walking into ABC 2012 like a kid in a candy store. So many shiny objects emblazoned the exhibitor hall in Kentucky. I remember pitching my blog for stories, and this new event, called MommyCon Mini, to be hosted on January 4, 2013 in Las Vegas. As we launch this site, I am on my way to Las Vegas for what will be my sixth ABC, and let me tell you, my experience these days is radically different than my first ABC.

I knew that I had a solid idea: connecting naturally minded families, an oftentimes ignored segment of the parenting landscape, for the purpose of community building. Our audience was full of cloth diaper-curious families, pro-breastfeeding in public parents and babywearers aplenty.  “Those” people were my people. I spoke their language. I shared their story. Give us some breast milk and coconut oil and we will solve any problem.
When I walked into most booths I was greeted with smiles and skepticism. Brands doubted that we would have a successful event, and in hindsight I know exactly why. I’m still amazed that a few brands took a chance on us. Those companies are still with us today; Ergobaby, Chicco and Happy Family are celebrating 5 years as part of the MommyCon Family. Countless others have been at more than one of our 50+ events.
You have probably noticed that we love (re)producing… events that is. First there was the Mommy Dialogues Meet-Ups, then there was MommyCon Mini, MommyCon shortly followed and then came the Babywearing World Record. Another year goes by and we served up Camp MommyCon, followed by the MILK Conference, the bi-annual WEAR Conference and most recently Gather, Influential Summit and DaddyCon.
We are more than just events and many of you have worked with us on digital content, brand ambassador programs and even launch parties! I’m looking at you; Ju-Ju-Be and Tula 😉
With all of the things we produce, we knew we needed a Parent Company, but didn’t know where to turn. How would we share all of these amazing events under the MommyCon umbrella without overwhelming all of our amazing sponsors and partners? So after months of brainstorming, planning, and brandstorming, Parent & Co.was born to be the parent of our babies.

Our mission is to create impactful experiences across events and digital platforms with a focus on building a community for today’s young families.

Our values are to focus on community, always show integrity, be held accountable, share our passion, be humble, and strive to make beauty out of the most simple things in life.

Our vision is to be the leading experiential event producer in North America focused on expectant and new families.

The last five years have been a whirlwind, much like being a new parent. As people who have been there firsthand, we know we are the best cut out for the job of educating new families while producing fresh content, and launching big ideas. Here’s to the next five years, and many many more.

Xza Higgins, CEO of Parent & Co.


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