Benefits of Events

I have attended many events in my career, from trade show events to consumer events, and have worked both sides of the aisle, as an exhibitor and an attendee. A few of my favorite shows are the Atlanta Gift Show, New York Toy Fair, Natural Products Expo West and of course my absolute favorite… MommyCon!

No matter if you are the exhibitor or attendee you can get a lot of the same benefits out of being at the event. I am going to share my top five benefits for attending an event. The benefits I am going to list can honestly go for either side of the event, if you are there as an attendee or an exhibitor.

Start/Build Relationships – This is key to success not only for a business but in life, you never know what type of relationships can come of meeting someone new, a business relationship or friendship, either way it is a win-win!

Stay Current on Trends – Everyone wants to stay current on trends. We all want to see all the newest and coolest things that events have to offer. I know I always leave events with something new, even when I am there as an exhibitor.

Fresh Ideas – Sometimes you need to get out and see what everyone else is doing to get new ideas on how to do something different within your business or within in your home/life.

New Companies – There are new companies popping up everywhere and at these events is where a lot of the little companies just starting out get their products noticed for the first time. As a business owner, this gives them an opportunity to meet other business owners and get information on how get their brand noticed. As an attendee you get to see new brands for the first time, usually a brand you might of never seen if you didn’t attend the event.

Socialize – Of course this is my favorite part of the event, who doesn’t like to socialize?! This is key to making all the other four points come together. If you go to an event and not socialize your will not be able to start new relationships, meet new companies, speak to people on trends and connect on new ideas!

Thank you for allowing me to share my top five benefits of attending events. What are some of the benefits you see in attending or exhibiting at an event? I would love to hear for you! I am always open to learning new ways to maximize my presence at an event.

Written by: Nichole Montez

Nichole Montez is one of our amazing exhibitor liaisons.


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